We use the best bits of equipment in the business from DIMSPORT and Autotuner, we have Genuine tuning tools and use the best in the business for writing our maps – MaxTune.

No map is generic, all maps are custom written from the software pulled for your car, once the file has been tuned we then upload the software back to your vehicle.

We carry out a visual check to key components under the bonnet and undertake a full engine diagnostic check to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition prior to remapping. Once the software has been tuned and uploaded to the vehicle, we then carry out an extended road test and carry out a full diagnostic check to make sure all is ok before we release the car back to you. This gives quality and satisfaction that you will be happy on completion.

We offer stage 1 & 2 or Economy tuning with the additions below:

Egr/dpf delete, adblue off, swirl flap delete, vmax removal, cold start delete, speed limit removal, Pops and bangs maps, hardcut limiter, popcorn limiter, stop/start disable, plus more.

You may find that other tuners will say they can give you more power but its not just about the power, we make sure your software gives a smooth fuel curve & great throttle response.

After your ECU upgrade, you will enjoy:

  •  Increased horsepower
  •  Increased torque
  •  Better throttle response
  •  Smoother power delivery
  •  Improved fuel economy


We can carry out any hardware modifications to your vehicle from exhaust and intercoolers to turbos and engine rebuilds. We can supply and fit performance/uprated parts to your specification and requirements.

We can source the correct parts you require when tuning your vehicle, no matter how big or small we can cater to your vehicle needs.

We don’t just cover engine modifications, we can carry out brake upgrade, suspension set ups, and more.

Each quote can be tailored to your individual requirements, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Gearbox tuning

Gearbox Tuning Services can be chosen either on its own or in addition to your engine remap. We can remap your DSG, S-Tronic, ZF, Tiptronic and more, please ask and we would be more than happy to help.

All our software is designed to work with your specific Transmission Control Module (TCU) found in your vehicle. Some of the benefits you will get are:

  • Increased Torque Limiter
  • Quicker Shift Speeds
  • RPM Limits & Shift Set Points
  • Launch Control & Full Manual Mode

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