Our mechanics can carry out any kind of car repairs from service and mots, clutch replacement, cambelt replacements, gearbox problems and many more. All our repairs are affordable and guaranteed. We aim to provide a 1st class service with as little downtime as possible.


Our mechanics are trained to service and repair any make or model using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment, regular servicing can help keep your car in the best possible condition and help identify other potential problems early on preventing from possible future breakdowns. We have access to all manufacturer digital service histories. Where required we will use genuine manufacturer parts, alternatively we use OEM parts which have been tested to the same standards.

Air Conditioning – Service & Repair

We can carry out air conditioning servicing to both types of gas – R134 & R1234yf, when carrying out a service, we recover all your old gas, oil and dye, we then vacuum test the system, this removes moisture and can also detect leaks. Once this is complete, we then renew the gas, oil and dye. Finally, we run a performance test to make sure everything is working as it should.

our trained technicians are also able to repair the air conditioning system should we find the vehicle has a leak or one of the components are not working. We have a safe leak gas to detect any leaks within the system.


Our experienced technicians can quickly identify any problem, using the latest diagnostics technology, and ensure the correct part is ordered first time. Using tools from AUTOLOGIC, Bosch KTS, AUTEL and SNAP ON, as well as dealer specific tools.

we can identify and fix all problems associated with vehicle diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics process enables us to quickly identify any problem, and ensure the correct part is replaced first time.

Once identified, we can advise in the best solution to carry out the repairs required and within a budget to suit, we always use quality parts as we find if you do it cheap you do it twice.

DPF – Diesel Particulate filter

Modern diesel cars (since 2009) have to be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the exhaust to stop this soot passing into the atmosphere. The aim is an 80% cut in particle emissions but the technology’s not without problems and can often end up blocking up requiring a regeneration.

This regeneration process cleanly burns off the excess soot deposited in the filter, reducing the harmful exhaust emission and helps to prevent the tell-tale black smoke you used to see from diesel vehicles, particularly when accelerating.

If the DPF is becoming clogged with soot or a fault develops in the system, an orange light will typically appear on the dashboard in the form of a flashing glow plug light, an exhaust shaped light or a warning message in the LED display.

There may be a engine fault that is causing the DPF to block, the best way to find this out is to carry out a diagnostic and investigation, this was it can be determined if its driver error or a faulty sensor/pipe or similar. Once the issue has been identified, a process of repair can be formed.

Most of the time along with the repair, a forced regen(either static or dynamic) can clear the dpf enough to get power back, but if the fault has been driven for a long time, then a chemical clean may be required. This involves a 3 stage chemical being used along with a regen.

Other solutions may also be available depending on senarios.

Mot Testing

It’s a legal requirement to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. We test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars and LCVs to the highest standards. Our fully licensed MOT test lane uses the latest equipment giving us the ability to test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars and LCVs. This includes the equipment to comply with the 2009 diesel emissions regulation.

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